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User Agreement

Any person accessing this site or using any services provided on this site must accept the terms and conditions of this User Agreement.

Review Terms and Conditions before using this site or any services provided on this site.

By Registering, and/or using the services, user agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree with all or part of this Agreement, do not use any of our services and do not access any part of our site.

Cadcabinets.com can change any or part of this agreement at any time without any notice to any user.

User is responsible for reviewing this agreement and any changes made to it.


By using this Site, user assumes full responsibility for any damages, contest, data, or downloaded files of this site may cause to his/her  hardware, software or any other property.

You assume full and total responsibility and risk by use of internet (links) and this site.


Any user who uses services or accessing any contest on this site certifies to Cadcabinets.com that she or he is not a minor, and is at least 18 years of age or older. Use of any services or accessing any contest on this site by minors is prohibited.

By registering in provided areas on this site, user certifies that all the information submitted is true and reflects his/her real name, address, email address, phone numbers, age, and any other information registration form may contain.

Registering as business entity, by providing business name and his/her occupation, certifies users authority to bind the entity to this Agreement.

If user does not have an Authority to represent business entity, he/she may not register or access any or part of this site or services provided on this site.



Contest or services of cadcabinets.com and links on this site may contain downloadable files or images or text or all of the listed above.

Cadcabinets.com does not charge any registration fees, but may charge fee for downloading the files or another contest from it's (or it's affiliated websites). However, some links from Cadcabinets.com to another websites may contain downloadable contest and fees associated with such contest, for which Cadcabinets.com have no liability. User assumes full responsibility for use of any form of payment over the internet or otherwise, and  he/she is fully responsible for unauthorized transactions that may occur during using other websites linked from Cadcabinets.com.

Contest of the Site

Any information, text, file, picture, image, discussion thread posted, or other electronic information provided or uploaded to Cadcabinets.com form another users (third parties) is not controlled or has very limited control from Cadcabinets.com. Information provided by other users may be offensive, inaccurate, harmful or deceptive. Please be advised that such contest may be provided by third party who is out of reach of jurisdiction system, located in foreign country or is not reachable or identifiable.

Cadcabinets.com is not responsible for the acts or actions of users or third parties on the site, and by using this site you agree to accept full liabilities for using its contest. Cadcabinets.com is not responsible for any damages whatsoever, incidental, direct or indirect, caused by using contest of this site or any other sites associated with Cadcabinets.com or  linked from or to it.

Any damages, caused by downloading contest from this site, and may cause loss of data, hardware performance, loss of profit, or loss of any kind  are sole responsibility of the user.

You assume full responsibility and risk for using this site and the internet.


Submissions  and disclosure of information

Any information provided by you to the Cadcabinets.com through registration, feedback or submittal forms, or over the telephone, or fax, or mail are performed over unsecured networks and may be subject of viewing or monitoring from unauthorized third parties. By submitting your personal information to Cadcabinets.com you agree to waive all legal and other rights, and you agree not to to bring any legal of official action against Cadcabinets.com.

By uploading dwg. or any another electronic files to Cadcabinets.com, you (user) agree to terms and conditions stated above and farther here, and you certify that files submitted to Cadcabinets.com are your property, are not copyrighted by any another person or business entity except you. You agree that you assume full responsibility for contest of those files, and methods with which those files were created or modified or edited.

Cadcabinets.com reserves the right to license use of all uploaded files to third parties, another users or itself. Cadcabinets.com can post and make files available for free download and viewing by general public.


Compliance with Laws; Fraud

The Site and Services may only be used for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations regarding use of the Site and Services. You may not register under a false name. Such fraudulent conduct is a violation of federal and state laws. Fraudulent conduct may be reported to law enforcement, and Cadcabinets.com will cooperate to ensure that violators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Cadcabinets.com and it's contest is provided on an "as is" basis. Use of this site, it's affiliates and sub sites is on user's own risk. Cadcabinets.com does not warranty quality, performance and contest of downloaded or another products that may be obtained or viewed on or through this site.

You (user) agree that you will obey all the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.

 Limitation of Liability

Cadcabinets.com will not be liable for any damages of any kind including without limitation direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive and consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with this agreement, the site, the services, the inability to use the services or those resulting from any goods or services purchased or obtained or transactions entered into through the services or site whether such damages arise under contract, negligence, liability, infringement or otherwise.

Drafting Miles and payment terms and Conditions

1.   Please note that drafting miles cannot be used to cover or replace monthly payments. Miles credit can be combined with any of the above C.O.D. or other approved account options and will be deducted from total balance upon payment arrangement. All payments on C.O.D. accounts must be received within 5 days of invoice date. If payment is not received within 5 days from invoice date, total price will be due and miles will be banked on your account for future use.

2.   Miles are available only on paid balances. If there is outstanding balance on your account, number of pending drafting miles will not become current until balance is paid off. However, you can use current miles toward new orders.

3.   Drafting Miles can be used only with new orders. Change orders cannot be covered or paid with Drafting Miles. Any additional job with same residence or same name (split work) will be considered as change order.

4.   Miles cannot be used with past due accounts. If you miss your monthly payment, or your card is declined, or we have not received your payment as agreed, All available Drafting Miles will be suspended, until complete balance on any and all invoices are paid in full. Your miles will be reinstated after all balances and interest is paid in full.

5.   Invoices covered in full by Drafting Miles will not generate additional Drafting Miles. Number of pending miles will be recalculated to actual payments made.

6.   All available Drafting Miles are valid for one year from the date they become available. When any number of pending miles are moved from pending status to available status, validity of total number of available miles is extended to one year period.

7.   All credit or debit card payments are final. By clicking "I Agree" button or signing proposal or agreement or payment authorization slip or invoice or signing and submitting credit application to drafting & Design by Mikhail, you preauthorize Cadcabinets.com (D.B.A. Drafting & Design by Mikhail) to charge your credit or debit card or withdraw from your bank account or both, as stated and for the amounts shown in proposal's "Payment Schedule" paragraph or in the Invoice.

8.   If your credit or debit card is declined for any reason, you agree to submit new card number and/or expiration date to Cadcabinets.com (D.B.A. Drafting & Design by Mikhail), and charge your card for full balance owed plus any interest and late fees.

9.   If your credit or debit card expires, or you cancel it for any reason, you agree to provide new card number, expiration date, name on the card and security code. You also Authorize Cadcabinets.com (D.B.A. Drafting & Design by Mikhail) to obtain new card information directly from credit or debit card bank.

10.       New orders placed on open balances will be subject of C.O.D. terms and must be paid in full upon completion of work. To place a new order on 30 Day terms or Monthly Recurring Payment option terms, all previous balances due, on Open Account, or Monthly Recurring Payment Account must be paid in full.

11.       Credit line will be determined based on information and references provided on the application. If order total is greater than approved credit line, difference must be paid immediately upon completion of the work.

12.       No Orders can be placed, or any amount of credit or drafting miles used if there is past due balance on the account. There is 5 Day grace period from due date shown on the invoice. Any payment not received after 5 days from due date is considered late and is subject of $15 late fee and termination of the account. All balances will become due immediately.

13.       If past due balance is not paid with in 30 days, 1.5% monthly interest (18% annual interest) will be applied to remaining balance, or as applicable by law.

14.       If balance on past due account is not paid in full with in 30 days, account will be subject of collection and/or legal action.

15.       You can prepay your balance at any time without penalty.

16.       International customers, or customers residing outside of United States are not eligible for any of the payment options listed above: 1). 2). or 3). All orders placed by international customers must be prepaid in advance by credit card, debit card or US certified funds. Job will start after funds clear the bank and become available.

17.       Files posted on personal FTP site will be locked, and will be available for viewing only, until payment is received as agreed.

18.   Miles can be used to pay balances only

19.   Start date of the work is date when deposit payment is received. If paid by credit or debit card start date is date payment approved. If paid by check start date is date when funds clear the bank account and become available.

20. Drawings reflecting all elements described on signed proposal/contract, dimensioned and laid out by scope are considered complete and same day when such drawing files are posted to your FTP site or emailed or mailed to to you is to be considered completion date of the job. On such date payment for current job and all outstanding balances will become due or will be become due as otherwise stated in the contract. Files maybe locked or protected from some editing, printing or forwarding futures until payments are received. (subject of credit rating).

21. Signatory of the proposal and or contract by signing such proposal and/or contract agrees to all the terms and conditions stated above herein. By signing such proposal and contract signatory certifies that he/she has read and agreed to all above paragraphs. If terms and conditions in signed contract are different from those listed herein, then those paragraphs or terms noted on contract/proposal will over-seed those stated herein.




Return Policy


If services provided by Cadcabinets.com or Drafting & Design by Mikhail are paid in full or in part and receipt of satisfactory conditions has been acknowledged and signed, or no complaints was filed in written to Drafting & Design by Mikhail within five days from receipt of services or payment date, you are certifying and acknowledging that: you have received services and/or goods from Drafting & Design by Mikhail in satisfactory conditions and as agreed and absolutely no refunds will be issued for any services obtained from Cadcabinets.com or Drafting & Design by Mikhail for any reason at any time.

If electronic downloadable files or files on the disk or files on any other media you have purchased from Cadcabinets.com or Drafting & Design by Mikhail are not in condition described or files are corrupted upon receipt or become corrupted or unusable later, we will replace defective file with the same or equal file. Replacement for files received on any type of media, such us compact disk, or memory chip or hard drive will be issued only upon defective media is returned to Cadcabinets.com or Drafting & Design by Mikhail.

Full or partial refund will be issued for products, other than services or electronic files, purchased from cadcabinets.com or Drafting & Design by Mikhail with in thirty (30) days of purchase, if those products are received damaged or defective. Claims must be filed in writing within 5 day from receipt of services or goods. Defective or damaged product must be returned to Cadcabinets.com or Drafting & Design by Mikhail in original condition, original packaging and unused.

Before returning defective product, you first must obtain "Return Merchandize Authorization" RMA number.

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